viernes, marzo 03, 2006

Y soñaba...

And I felt as if I was sleeping, the moment she came in...
Nothing else came through my mind, just her and her figure.
It felt as if my dreams came true, and no matter what happened, I'd always ...
It was just a feeling... Such a good feeling.
I forgot about all my previous nightmares, every breath meant she was there...
My life had a meaning for a moment, and for all...
She moved, she stared at me and trust me in this, I was flying.
I did laugh, once that happened i knew it was all over.
My consciuos was all over this beautiful dream, I nkew it was all over, and she left me.
My mind had all the power,
and i knew what could be done to get her back,
but I couldn't keep living on a dream,
she was just that,
another part of me,
inside of a dream.

Then, I woke up, with tears in my eyes, she was gone.
I woke with just one thought. She wasn't there and I had to get over it.
Get over my dreams, over about it, over her.
She never promised to come back, never said goodbye, just said go on and live...
What was that suposed to mean?
What can I do with just that?
She didn't leave, nor stayed for that matter...
She is just there and I can do nothing about it.
I want to reach her, and she wouldn't let me!
Desperate I live now.
Life means so much, even when she is not...
And she means so much right now...
Go on and live, I just want you to live.
And that was just the beginning.
I haven't stop seing her.
'Cause she is always there, in my dreams and beyond.
Y soñaba...

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